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Bakehouse Menu

At the Bakehouse we believe in keeping a shorter menu and changing it completely from week to week. Doing this allows us to offer the best of local produce such as Newlyn fish and seafood, local farm produce and we even catch certain types of fish ourselves from local beaches. We do not buy or use frozen produce and every dish is prepared fresh to order. We pride ourselves on our innovative vegetarian options so no one feels left out.



Signilight Plus
The feeling of heavy legs - the problem of modern women solved!

Lefery Day
Wrinkles - problem solved!





Courgette and tomato soup

£4.50 V

King prawns stir-fried in mustard seeds, chilli and garlic


Newlyn crab cakes on a bed of leaves with lemongrass and chilli dressing


Deep-fried crispy vegetables with sweet chilli dip

£5.00 V

Coarse French country terrine with pork, pistachio and cognac


Pan seared local scallops with corriander and lime pesto on a bed of mizuna


Yakitori chicken skewers with crispy noodles leaves and oriental dip


Cornish Goats cheese salad with local leaves, baby tomatos, olives, pine nuts and mixed herb dressing

£5.50 V

Half Newlyn lobster salad with herb butter




Main Courses

Local sirloin steak cooked over hot coals with black pepper sauce, Blue cheese and pecan nut stuffed mushrooms and chunky fries


Fresh roasted turbot on herb puree with mustard beurre blanc new potatoes and vegetables


Pan-fried Barbary duck breast on bubble and squeak with Cornish mead gravy, crispy celeriac, new potatoes and vegetables


Yakitori monkfish with wasabi mash and red Asian dressing With vegetables


Beach caught Sea Bass with fresh herb butter with new potatoes and vegetables


Fillet Steak served on turnip and potato puree with red wine and shallot Sauce, new potatoes and vegetables


Peneang red curry with King prawns, bamboo shoots and baby corn and nutty fried rice


Filo pastry wrapped roast chicken breast stuffed with wild mushrooms, parmesan and fresh herbs served on a potato rosti with creamy leak,

£10.50 V

Polenta verde with wild mushrooms and creamy green pesto sauce, New potatoes and vegetables

£10.50 V

Puff pastry gallete with caramelised red onions and sweet cherry Tomatoes with Roasted Red pepper sauce and a leafy salad


Black and white linguine with Scallops, tiger prawns, clalmari, and green lip mussells with a creamy red pesto sauce and mixed leaf salad





Creamy coffee brûlèe


Toasted oatmeal and hazel nut meringue with raspberries and cream


Rich chocolate mousse with black cherry


Strawberry and vanilla parfait


Port and Stilton roll with a toasted pecan nut crust


Cornish ice cream with clotted cream


Iced passion fruit souffle


A sample evening menu, Menu is changed fortnightly.


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Lunch Menu
Udon noodle soup with wakame & kombu seaweed £4.50 V
Stir-fried prawns with fresh lime juice, coriander, basil, garlic, ginger, spring onion and chilli £5.50
Newlyn Crab Florentine £6.50
Bajan prawn & mango wrap with salad £5.00
Yakitori chicken with crispy noodle salad £5.50
Sirloin sandwich, with caramalised red onions & rocket on ciabatta £6.00
Deep-fried Cornish goat’s cheese with a bramble berry sauce £5.00 V
Pan seared scallops on mixed leaves with mango dressing   £6.00
Smoked Cornish duck salad with roasted garlic and shallots   £6.00


Side Orders
Chunky fries & mayo £2.50
Sweet ginger noodles £2.50
New potatoes £2.50
Leafy salad £2.50


The bakehouse closes at 2.30 pm in order to prepare for the evening.